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  • Shayla Herrington

David + Katheryn Bembry | Backyard Wedding in Rudy, Arkansas

I still remember the day my fiancé, Dustin, told me he hired a random guy he met at Lowes who had just moved from Florida to be with his girlfriend. After that day, Dustin and David not only became co-workers, but overtime they became friends as well.

The first time I met Katheryn, she thought she was going on a fishing trip with just David, but little did she know Dustin and I were hiding behind a bush ready to capture her proposal.

Quickly, I learned these are the types of people I want to be friends with. There is no couple sweeter, that immediately makes you feel included and like they’ve known you forever. I couldn’t have dreamt of a better day, with more perfect weather, surrounded by more perfect family and friends.

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